General Situation

  • Social networks are growing, and gradually everyone realizes their importance. Social networks transmit information and direct public opinion under the management and control of organizations, individuals, and governments, concentrating soft power in the hands of a group of objects. They are set up, run based on Web2, where one has control of the database and can create any characters or topics that the provider wants the users to see, care about, and shape public opinion by conveying true or false information. They remove, restrict, ban, block search, and remove ownership of content from users that they consider inappropriate for their views.
  • In other words, we all realize that the current traditional media and social networks are controlling some part of our lives; those are the platforms where we can only hear what they want us to hear. We see what they want us to see.

In Our Case

  • In our case, Andrew Tate (Tate Brothers - TopG), was banned from many social networking platforms: Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Even though our Tate Brothers only expressed their personal opinions, they inspired young people to live, shared a different perspective on how the world works, and motivated men to become more ambitious, stronger, and more determined. But the Tate Brothers' performance hits the dark side of the media, saying things that the control groups, the government, and the matrix don't want you to know.
  • The fact that Andrew Tate is mass-blocked from social networks shows us the tight control of the world, the abuse of power by the developers of social networking applications, and the organizations that dominate the media. The dark side of social media communication has appeared!