What is Tate Social? - ( First freedom Social-Finance of Tate brothers & Fans)
Welcome to "Tate Social" Decentralized financial social network with the application of blockchain technology and Web3 that we have heard a lot about in recent times.
Tate Social is a social networking application built on Blockchain technology, the security of Web3 and the applicability in cross-border payments of cryptocurrency, also a Defi platform with Staking & NFT where users really own, control and monetize the content you create, without any undue interference from the app's creator. All databases are On-chain and cannot be completely deleted or restricted by any government or organization. A Platform that built on a decentralized blockchain instead of a server will allow users to own their profile data and if that user needs to be banned, the community will do so with a vote.
Tate Social is a social network that provides videos, tv shows, streaming shows, podcasts ... inspired and started with videos, streams, and shows by Tate Brothers, the first people who dared to rise up strong to fight the domination of traditional social networking empires. Tate Social makes it possible for Tate Brothers Fans to fully view new content and continuously update the content of Tate Brothers programs.
Tate Social is also an open platform, where all celebrities and their fans can update, interact, and openly exchange all views and perspectives on all the content you want.
Tate Social started with Tate Brothers products and has since expanded to all the celebrities, users, content creators...all those who are feeling cheated by traditional social media. , restrictions and other controls.
Tate Social is a fan token. We do believe however that it is highly likely that with our success, the Tate brothers will draw some attention with the community and who knows- one day the brothers might just invite their fans to join them on a venture in recognition of the amazing community and token we are building.
Last modified 6mo ago