Do Task To Earn

Tasks like airdrops, testnets, shillings...in the crypto market or real-life ones like creating review videos, sharing your views around a topic where others pay to create tasks. Gradually progress to the channel that initiates the quests of many other celebrities to users.
For Example: The task of increasing interaction, creating content around the topics that Tate Brothers offers, helps increase Tate Brothers' presence on other social networking platforms. Users will receive a reward amount of tokens corresponding to the work content that the task assigns. Content developers who have media channels available on other social media platforms will need to pay to receive notifications, see the full range of new content, trending, streaming....the latest from Tate Brothers. Content developers who have media channels around the topic of Tate Brothers on other social networking platforms, currently making money from mining content, videos, news from Tate brothers can subscribe and pay an amount of tokens to create tasks on Tate Social to help stimulate interaction on accounts and social networking sites that you own.